Wednesday, June 13, 2007

thanks, matt.

I know, I know: Everybody already knows about Matt. Everybody knows where he's been. And yeah, he's lined up corporate sponsorship since his first time out of the gate.

But he still makes me happy, g*ddammit.

Maybe because he reminds me of my buddy TD4 and how he used to take "jump shots" where ever he traveled -- setting the timer and leaping into the air above some lovely, far away horizon.

Or maybe just because he's dancing. And traveling. And maybe I want a piece of that.

(blogliners: there's video in this one. you're gonna have to clickthrough.)

1 comment:

anniemcq said...

I've never heard of Matt. So, no everyone doesn't know. Or didn't. I think maybe I was the last one.
Anyhoo...Thanks! That was fun.

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