Monday, January 28, 2008

anatomy of the mac guy

Mindset Media uncovers the obvious about Mac & PC users with recent research as recounted in today's AdAge »

Research from internet ad network Mindset Media confirms the ad's personification of Mac users as superior and self-satisfied. Its recent Mac user "mind-set profile" -- a psychographic ranking system that scores respondents on 20 different elements of personality -- found them to be more assured of their superiority, less modest and more open than the general population.

Mindset did not work with Apple, Microsoft or any other PC company for its survey of 7,500 Nielsen online consumers. The questions were structured so Mindset could discover information about groups they were interested in -- in this case, Mac and PC users.

Far fewer cohesive personality traits emerged among PC owners, likely because of the breadth of PC ownership. Given that 95% or so of all computer users own a PC, those users essentially are the general population. The one area where PC users did stand out as statistically different was in creativity -- low creativity, that is. Mindset Media found they tend to be realists who are emotionally steady and work well with what they're given.

Beth Snyder Bulik's Mac Owners Are Just Like, Well, the Mac Guy
Study: Apple Computer Users Less Modest but More Open Than General (Read: PC) Population

Also worth noting: Mac owners are "bright green" "very satisfied" "music mavens".

Full disclosure: I swing both ways (platforms, silly).

[Photo credit: Mindset Media]

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Kari said...

"It's funny, 'cuz it's true!" (Liz Lemon)

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