Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I have it on good authority that the Big Bunny Motel was originally the “Bugs Bunny” Motel, before the folks at Warner Brothers brought the copyright hammer down on the owners.

If you look closely you can see how the sign was modified to accommodate the evolution.

Denver, CO
On Colfax Ave


M Firman said...

Yes, the "Big" was "Bugs" before Disney put
the kabosh on it. I really always loved that section
of Colfax Ave. It was really THE gateway
into the Rockies for a good deal of the 20th Century.
Somewhere there is a lovely documentary about
Colfax. The documentarian travels the length of it,
from the flat brush country to the foothills (Similar
to the documentary about Halsted in Chitown).

anne said...

ah yes, the bugs bunny motel - site of more than one prostitution sting in the last 20 years

narthex said...


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