Tuesday, January 08, 2008

contact with the sprinkler will cause flooding

Two kinds of people in this world:

One sees a sign like this and simply obeys.

The other sees the universal red slash -- this
one or any other -- and imagines how events
would unfold if they went ahead and did the
thing depicted.

In exacting detail.

Or maybe there are actually three kinds of
people: the third one goes ahead and does it.

Posting by cameraphone from a
hotel room in Devon, PA


anniemcq said...

So.... did you?

narthex said...

yes, so did you?

suttonhoo said...

me? all fantasy; no action. ;)

narthex said...

i think we need to equip you with a lighter and a roll of duct tape so you will be prepared for any and all occasions. :p

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