Tuesday, January 01, 2008



Ever notice? When Dorothy lands in Oz and the Munchkins show her the trailhead of the Yellow Brick Road, there’s a Red Brick Road that starts at exactly the same spot, spiraling off in the opposite direction.

I wanna know where that road goes.

Shot some red brick and hand-lettered signage to excess in Denver’s Lodo (lower downtown) historic warehouse district while I was away.

Here’s the set »

Here’s the slideshow »


Lolabola said...


narthex said...

you have the curiosity of a cat. a black cat i think...

suttonhoo said...

narthex: which is to say you don't want me crossing your path?

I'll try not to take that personally. ;)

narthex said...

haha! ah, no that is not what i meant! i meant black cat as in the "dressed in black" designer type! lol

I, Rodius said...

I wish I'd noticed that. I think you should write one of those derivative novel thingies.

FYI, I looked up "derivative" to make sure I was spelling it correctly. My first instinct was "derivitive," but I am elevated to a higher standard here.

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