Friday, January 11, 2008

true religion

true religion
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The interview of actor Josh Brolin, by NY Times critic Caryn James for the Times' newly expanded Arts & Leisure Week, unfolded just as you might expect it would: beautifully, spontaneously played and ultimately well-rehearsed, what with the well-placed pauses and those deep sniffs that hard bodies like Brolin interject to make it look like they're not trying too hard.

I went because I'm a whore for any and all info I can scarf up re the Coen's "No Country For Old Men", and came away entirely glad I had -- even after the hopeful parade of actors had commandeered the mic with thoughtful questions like "Who does your head shot?"

How could you not enjoy the delightful eye candy of a working boy in mojo boots telling stories about directors and acting (most of which you can read if you google any of his recent interviews) and occasionally spinning out lovely L.A.isms like: "I believe if you create a hole [in your life] it will be filled -- either with gold or with shit."

But ultimately I had to love the man for his returning and eternal reverence to the importance of story over spectacle -- its "imaginative sense" and his observation that, in recent movies, "stories are starting to surface again."

Truly, a man of the cloth.

p.s. Brolin's created a short film called Ex -- or maybe X? -- that appears to be quite good and will soon be extended into a full-length feature.

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