Sunday, January 27, 2008

well-read wanderlust

I just thought that this is one of the great things that civilzation has produced.

Playwright Tom Stoppard in this morning's New York Times speaking of a lovely little book valise (by luggage maker T. Anthony, but no longer in production) that he carries with him when he travels.

I was a little surprised that this got my juices flowing this morning: After half a dozen whistle stops in the last couple of months I'm tired of the road and savoring the time at home, but even still. There's something about a well-made piece of luggage that not only appeals to my longing for the beautiful and useful -- but if it's luggage it can mean only one thing: "It's time to take to the road now".

To open to it. Receive it. Let it teach you what it will.

Or even just to dream of it. And hold the anticipation right there where you can taste it.

I'm afraid I'm a bit addicted. But like an alcoholic I know that, much as I love the taste of travel, I souse off the bottle to suspend the Right Now just a little bit; because when you're on the road the day to day and the bills that need paying tomorrow are on hold, replaced by what's just in front of you. Senses seem heightened, but perhaps are just focused. And maybe just focused on avoiding something else.

So I'm ready to stay home for awhile and take the time to look ahead a little bit farther than tomorrow.

And maybe start planning that Mexico City weekend...

[Photo: Tony Cenicola/The New York Times]


anniemcq said...

Don't bring that charming bit of luggage when you visit this house. You might head home shy a few books and in their wheezy cat! ;)

suttonhoo said...

er, uh... I don't think Lulu would like Chicago *at all*.

just sayin'. ;)

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