Saturday, January 12, 2008

boxed in

boxed in
boxed in
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Spent the afternoon losing my way with** an old friend through the New Museum of Contemporary Art, which really *is* a new museum (designed by architects Sejima & Nishizawa) and is also *called* the New Museum.

The structure and the exhibits were wholly disorienting.

Which is not entirely a bad thing.

The going without my big gun camera? That was kind of a bad thing.

Posting by cameraphone from NYC.

**and catching up and eating lots of good food with too.


Rahul said...

it was so great catching up and seeing you after so bloody long! Hope your dad likes his gift. Lets do it again sooner rather than later :)

suttonhoo said...

SO good to see you, rahul -- and yes, definitely.

(although you've totally outed me on the thingamajig -- I was thinking about keeping it for myself. ;)

and dude: THOSE DUMPLINGS. thanks again!

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