Saturday, January 05, 2008


When I was in Denver between Christmas and New Year’s my brother was keen to check out the Forney Museum of Transportation. We had been a few times when we were kids and it was housed downtown in what is now the REI flagship store. The big brick warehouse, to my recollection, was the best part of that visit -- the way the sun spilled through the high windows and lit up the dust that lived everywhere in that place.

The exhibits, as I remembered them, were cool but stale: A lot of big machines. Cars. Trains. Other mechanical stuff. Cool to a point when you’re a girl with a penchant for these things. Unbelievably cool when you’re a boy.

Which is why, I think, my brother was keen to get back there.

dining car

So we did. With his four kids in tow. And they didn’t even start saying “can we go now?” until we’d been there an hour at least.

Me? I missed the high windows. The brick. But the electric cars were pretty cool. As were the trains. And I took an especial liking to all the creepy mannequins.

creepy mannequin

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anniemcq said...

JH would love this. And next time you're in town, we'll take you to the Pearson Air Museum! Great old building.

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