Wednesday, January 23, 2008

a walk in the woods

a walk in the woods
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Stole a few minutes in the transition between the windowless corporate meeting rooms in which I spent the last three days and the nearly as soulless spaces of the Norfolk Airport (where my late flight to O'Hare has just been delayed another couple of hours) to steal away down HWYs 13 & 60 to Virginia's First Landing State Park abutting Chesapeake Bay.

Never saw the Bay, except for a brief drive-by, but I did get a good fix of white pine and bald cypress (see above) and sand in my shoes from the soft white trails that limn the park.

Plus a deep clean breath or two that tasted of the sea -- all of which were fine by me.

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Enyasi said...

Wow, this is an eerie picture... Amazing how lonely trees can look in winter... Glad you are getting fresh air :-)

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