Wednesday, July 09, 2008

sweet j3sus I travel a lot

Decided to dump a ton of pictures off my cameraphone in preparation for the upcoming trip. Found that there are a bunch on there that I never posted but that I felt partial to for one reason or another and kept around. Decided to upload an assortment to Flickr with some notes so I'd have them.

For the brave: The slideshow is here. If you clickthrough rather than watching it here in the page you'll be able to mouseover the image and click once to turn on the (i) for info notes for the stories behind the shots. Each shot also bears a date stamp if you want to know when they happened. For the most part I've posted them in chronological order.

Realized -- not for the first time -- how much blogging is like keeping a diary -- how it helps me keep track of time passing, how it helps me remember the moments that matter -- as well as all the little ones that you think don't, but in the aggregate do.

The "I should have dumped these cameraphone shots a long time ago" Retrospective »

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