Sunday, July 27, 2008

a thing as lovely

honest abe

Back in the garden, Gordon waved his right hand to show him various trees. Nobody quite knows why. Nor what he was saying. The crueller watchers had it down pat. 'That tree's going to vote for me ... that one's dithering.' That was possibly a little too cynical, because our Prime Minister did indeed seem to be genuinely, sunnily, smiling.

Twenty minutes later, Obama met David Cameron in the grounds of the Commons, and Cameron did the same. Waved his arms and showed him shrubs. Don't they have trees in Illinois?

Euan Ferguson comments on Barack Obama's visit to the UK in He came, he saw, he sprinkled us with stardust in today's Guardian.

Many thanks to Bobcatrock for the heads up.

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bobcat rock said...

ah, aren't you sweet. you're most welcome. beautiful lil' posting.

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