Thursday, July 03, 2008

trial run

trial run
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Having spotted my cameraphone shots on Flickr, Nokia was kind enough to loan me the N95 to play with for a three week run. The phone arrived almost two weeks ago, but I've been on the run myself and only able to play with it this AM. Loaded in an old SIM card from a Nokia that I used once upon a time before I recalled I used it with an AT&T account -- my current account is with TMobile, so no phone for me for this trial, but I'm able to browse the web via the wireless at home. (Nice option.)

Early thoughts: Web browsing is lovely, but the idea of having a cameraphone pull focus? Unnerving. That grainy crazy pixelated quality is what I love about cameraphone photography -- at 5 megapixels this baby may be too uptown for me.

(I recently had dinner with a fellow who works on the camera for the Sidekick (aka strippers' phone of choice. my v is the 3) -- he showed me a prototype with all kinds of megapixel action for an upcoming release -- I begged him no. Please. I don't want to lose the low-fi effect. He was a sweetheart and said maybe he'd build a low-fi option into the software.)

Also lonely for my full-size keyboard -- the Nokia N95 has a traditional phone keypad, which means a lot of cycling through characters before you get where you want to go.

But not ready to write it off just yet -- I'll play awhile first. Don't want to let the good folks at Nokia down after they were so generous.

Next up: Video.


Anali said...

Lucky you! That's so cool! My cell phone contract ran out a month ago and I still haven't gotten a new phone yet. Hopefully soon. My cameraphone is okay, but I'd like one that is a bit better and I need a keyboard now, because I text a lot more than I used to.

jenw said...

This is the new fig!!! How awesome that they found you on Flickr.

I agree with you -- I find my iPhone pics unusable -- too much detail to have atmosphere but not enough data for a quality photo.

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