Saturday, July 19, 2008

room with a view

room with a view
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So: We arrived in Mexico City only to discover that the hotel we booked into a few months back (an old Benedictine Monastery we had stayed at once before) was under wraps -- undergoing rennovations -- and NOT receiving visitors.

Thanks for the heads up, Expedia!

After some scrambling, and thanks to the generous good care of our cabbie, we finally found a couple of rooms. Two, because the city was booked so tight that no one hotel had a single room available for the weekend.

This was the second of the two, overlooking the Zocalo, where Montezuma and Cortes first said hello, and where each morning and every evening 13 soldiers wrassled this big ass flag up and down the flag pole -- accompanied by a full military processional.

No complaints. Didn't mind watching the dawn break over the Zocalo from the warmth of my bed, either.

(Restoring some lost cameraphone posts that got lost in a device crash.)

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