Saturday, July 26, 2008

we feel fine

I took pictures of everybody’s hands because I think you can often tell a lot from somebody from how their hands look. [1]

Jonathan Harris: The art of collecting stories, A Ted Talk

About a month back I was contacted by the folks behind about using one of my images and a story clip in an upcoming book.

We Feel Fine searches for and clips online stories and images to capture and visualize an emotional snapshot -- a stream of real time feelings. All the clippings share the words “I feel” in common.

This morning I stumbled across Jonathan Harris, one of the minds behind We Feel Fine, on Ted, talking a little bit more about the project -- and about collecting stories »

In the second half of his presentation he speaks about a marvelous project that he’s just wrapping up.

[1] He’s not the only one.

Update 28 Sept 09: Ah shoot. Just heard from the publisher that I got axed: "Our editors wanted a shorter book than we had originally anticipated. As a result, we were forced to remove many images that we would have otherwise loved to include. The editing process was incredibly difficult and after many months I am sorry to tell you that we were unable to find space for your image in the book. We are so appreciative of all of your help and hope that this news does not come as too much of a disappointment."

Disappointed? Not all that much: I wasn't a big fan of the image they picked. And I'll still receive a copy of the book and an invite to the launch party. So there's that.


anniemcq said...

This is fascinating. I'm off to visit the website. Thanks, D. (And congrats on making it to the book!)

patrick said...

These are the people who should be running this world.

Anonymous said...

just amazing, thanks for posting this.

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