Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Crumpler's packed.

Crumpler's packed.
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Tetanus' injected. Chloroquine's quaffed.

Dumpling Man will probably stay behind for safekeeping. (OMG whadya mean you don't know the Dumpling Man of the East Village? Many thanks forever to Rahul, who introduced us.)

Posting by cameraphone from home where I'm packing for Chiapas and the Petén.


Rahul said...

D -- So cool that you're heading down to Central America for your yearly sojourn! And, yes... leave the Dumpling Man behind. Mine fell off my bag somewhere in the abyss that is the subway system of NY! Also, next time you're in town, we MUST check out this gallery right next to the Dumpling Man. Speaking of which... when are you in town next??

em said...

poor dumpling man. I can see in his eyes he thought he'd go!

I, Rodius said...

East Village? I thought the Dumpling Man lived on Drury Lane...

Bye bye, Ms. Hoo! Have fun storming the castle!

suttonhoo said...

thanks, guys! two more days and I'm outta here!

& Rahul: soon as I know you'll know. :) (breaks my heart to think of the dumpling man lost in the subways of NY...)

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