Wednesday, July 23, 2008

speaking of ik'

Vientos: Right on (literally: winds)

Vientos huracanados: Excellent (hurricane winds)

Vientos huracanados aztecas: Completely superb (Aztec hurricane winds)

Some of my favorite chilango, or Mexican slang, found in the Moon Handbook to Mexico City -- which yes, I realize throws the authenticity of whether or not it's really chilango into question.

Runner up to the vientos series is ¿que hongo? a homophonic play on ¿que onda? or "what's up?" (see: Beck) which actually means "what mushroom?" -- but given the prevalence of the little objects known affectionately as "hongo" that dot Mayan sites (but are actually stumpy little penii) -- I'm willing to conjecture that ¿que hongo? might be more accurately translated as "how's it hanging?"

yep. it is.

But maybe I'm just over thinking things.


burnett879 said...

OK that cracked me up. And I bet your deduction is right on.

anniemcq said...

"little penii" - I'm tittering. Heeeheeeee, I said "Tit"!

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