Wednesday, July 23, 2008

there will be cake


Well that explains why he didn't come to visit.

What my Grama said when my aunt explained that her husband, my Bompa, had died sometime back.

Explained that we were all there to see him off, that the service was lovely and that his family -- his children, his grandchildren, and she, his wife -- had linked arms to sing him home in the quiet over the grave, after everyone else had gone.

Going to see Grama next week. Some small miracle places me at a business meeting in Seattle on her birthday.

Just got off the phone with my aunt: we were making party plans.


anniemcq said...

Oh, D. So lovely.

hoping, hoping I can be near enough to squeak in a hug.

em said...

that's the kind of Vientos huracanados aztecas post why I love this your blog
Thank you

a.m. said...


Anonymous said...

Sweet Gramma. Safe journey.

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