Thursday, November 22, 2007

article 15

Originally uploaded by Jorn Tomter.
She has the right to a nationality.

She should not be arbitrarily deprived of her nationality nor denied the right to change her nationality.

Neither should you.

Article 15, Universal Declaration of Human Rights

December 10th is International Human Rights Day.


mrtn said...

Actually, she's lucky enough to have two: she's Sami, that means she's in the samemanntall and a member of whatever country she happens to be born in. That's in the Herderesque idea of nation, though.

Lolabola said...

geez, mrtn really does know a lot of obscure things.

i love that pic. she looks so happy

mrtn said...

Lola: I live in Norway and my girlfriend is part Sami (which manifests, among other things, in an extra helping of cheekbones and a strange but mild recurring desire to herd reindeer), so it's not obscure here.

suttonhoo said...

nice try, Martin. If this were your only comment on detritus in which you reveal that you know a lot of obscure things, you just may have gotten away with that.


(and for what it's worth: it's a trait that we value highly around here.)

Lolabola said...

yes yes highly valued!

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