Tuesday, November 27, 2007

hang on st. christopher

hang on st. christopher
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St. Christopher, Patron Saint of Travelers

A recent gift from my aunt, who's also my godmother, and a good recovering Catholic Unitarian.

The tag reads: "Dayna: St. Christopher, to guarantee a safe journey back to yourself."

Godmoms always seem to know just what you need. Just when you need it.

title courtesy of Mr. Tom Waits


Geggie said...

I carry a St. Christopher with me everywhere I go.

And garnets, garnets are the protetive stone of travels.

suttonhoo said...

what's really weird about that, geggie, is that I had a dream last night about wearing a garnet ring. big old stone.

and I don't wear a lot of rings.
and I'd never heard that before about garnets.


thanks for stopping by.

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