Sunday, November 25, 2007

fig. 2

Figs are the new pomegranates.

The Editor of the Colorado Review, speaking with tongue planted firmly in cheek, as we swapped emails after she informed me that the journal would like to use my (fig.) image (which she spotted in my Flickrstream) for the cover of their Fall/Winter Issue and would I mind a few dollars and several copies in exchange?

To which I said: I wouldn't mind at all. And: Thank you.


anniemcq said...

Wooooohooooo Ms. Hooo!!!!!

So thrilled for you! That must be entirely too cool.

mrtn said...

That's totally awesome!

anne said...

I've been enjoying the fig on my desktop and it looks even better on the cover—congrats!! :)

suttonhoo said...

thanks, you guys! woo hoo! :)

Lolabola said...

yay! I love that pic

bill said...

Hello, voice from your distant past here. I found your blog a while ago, it is really great to read, and your pictures at flickr are amazing. Congrats on this cover!

Regarding mountain bikes and chicago:
We in Colorado are free to love mountain bikes.
And so are you ;)

take care

enyasi said...

Congrats to the cover girl... today a literary journal, tomorrow the Nobel prize for Peace through Photography (they will create the award especially for you)

suttonhoo said...

enyasi: can they *do* that?

bill: so glad you showed up. was thinking of "melted ice" just the day before yesterday. now who else would think that was funny?

Anali said...

Congratulations! That's a great shot!

bobcat said...

Wow! Congratu-fig-u-lations, Dayna! But then, it really is a beautiful shot. I'm surprised you're not being bombarded by invitations to join strange food-groups on flickr! (Or are you?!)
I've noticed, all my favourite shots on your stream have a beautiful stillness to them.

This explains your "fig.2" shot on flickr!

Keep on clicking, tapping n' snapping... ;-)

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