Saturday, November 10, 2007

article 5

He should not be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Neither should you.

Article 5, Universal Declaration of Human Rights

December 10th is International Human Rights Day. Enough already.


mrtn said...

I just finished William Gibson's new novel, Spook Country. There's a passage in there which goes like this (I googled it up and copy-pasted it, because I knew someone, somewhere would have taken note of this one and typed it in):

“I remember seeing proofs of a CIA interrogation manual, something we’d been sent unofficially, for comment,” the old man said. “The first chapter laid out the ways in which torture is fundamentally counterproductive to intelligence. The argument had nothing to do with ethics, everything to do with quality of product, with not squandering potential assets.” He removed his steel-rimmed glasses. “If the man who keeps returning to question you avoids behaving as if he were your enemy, you begin to lose your sense of who you are. Gradually, in the crisis of self that your captivity becomes, he guides you in your discovery of who you are becoming.”
“Did you interrogate people?” asked Garreth, the black Pelican case under his feet.
“It’s an intimate process,” the old man said. “Entirely about intimacy.” He spread his hand, held it, as if above an invisible flame. “An ordinary cigarette lighter will cause a man to tell you anything, whatever he thinks you want to hear.” He lowered his hand. “And will prevent him ever trusting you again, even slightly. And will confirm him, in his sense of self, as few things will.” He tapped the folded paper. “When I first saw what they were doing, I knew that they’d turned the SERE lessons inside out. That meant we were using techniques the Koreans had specifically developed in order to prepare prisoners for show trials.” He fell silent.

(... Did you ever read the courtroom transcript of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed? He is one of the people we are pretty certain got waterboarded. Also, there was an article about Jose Padilla in the NY Times a while back.)

suttonhoo said...

that was a hard read. not the least of which was: "interrogators subjected Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's children, aged six and eight years old, to abusive interrogation."

I want my country back. so bad.

Mikkel said...

You people need a revolution. It's not like you don't have the guns for it.

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