Saturday, November 10, 2007

mystery solved

odd pauses

The enigmatic Carl stopped by to let me know that the curious "Pauses, odd, 97" stencil that I shot a few weekends back at the University of Chicago is actually part of a public art installation, Instances and Determination, by Helen Mirra (Visual and Environmental Studies, Harvard), running through June 2009 (so you've got some time), for those of you who are interested in the "interaction between the practices of art and the practices of scholarship; recontextualized and architecturally integrated, ... mined texts [that] behave not as signifiers back to the source texts, but instead point out into the world at large."

Give me a shout if you do: we can do the Quad and then hook up for something tasty at Medici.

Here's the map you'll need »

And here's Mirra and some other panelists talking about what's what »

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