Monday, November 19, 2007

inbound on the Ike

Have we talked about this? About how many of Chicago's expressways and tollways have names, most of them taken from politicians during the early glory days of superhighway construction (shall we assume that money changed hands?) -- like the Stevenson and the Kennedy -- and it's never entirely clear which name corresponds to which number because they're rarely coupled together on signs, and they're often abbreviated by locals -- so that the Eisenhower, which is I-290, becomes the Ike.

Which is what this is.

Update: I've edited this post *four* times with four different Interstate numbers, which goes to show that I have no idea which interstate the Eisenhower really is. I'm so not local.


Lolabola said...

the update is hilarious

Cheryl said...

I grew up here, and maybe it's because I don't drive, I have no idea what the numbers are for any of the expressways. I do know who Dan Ryan was, though.

Kari said...

Nice when things are names and not numbers. Sort of like phone numbers. Remembering my childhood phone number was Frontier 8-1171. Love the Ike.

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