Wednesday, February 28, 2007


B1-66er and his brother -67er turned me on to the Sidekick -- a handheld mobile device that -66er had a hand in creating and which I now love like a child of my own. They call by its given name: the Hiptop.

Today in the New York Times this tidbit appeared in a review of Robert’s Steakhouse, which is nestled inside the Penthouse Executive Club in New York -- where your steak comes with an optional lapdance. B1- boys, this one's for you:

Brianna took an interest in my friend Michael, who instead took an interest in my new BlackBerry cellphone. Not to be left out, Brianna volunteered that her phone was a Sidekick, which has e-mail and Web-browsing capabilities.

Indica was fixated on my friend Ari. I asked her what kind of phone she had.

“A Sidekick,” she said.

“Wow,” I said. “That’s the same kind Brianna has.”

“Strippers’ phone of choice,” she said.

From Frank Bruni's piece: Where Only the Salad Is Properly Dressed in today's New York Times.

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