Saturday, February 17, 2007

charlie boy

We interupt these pointless posts to bring you Charlie -- an abandoned three year old grey tabby my sweetie and I adopted about a month ago from the shelter.

We lost our sweet Brillig over a year ago, and it took nearly that long to be ready to bring another cat home. It felt disloyal somehow, we missed her so much.

But we needn't have worried: they're different creatures entirely.

Where Brillig was delicate Charlie's a klutz.

Where she was a demure little girl he's a shameless, blameless boy.

Where she was petite he's enormous.

His name came with him, and we thought about changing it, mostly in deference to another rare and charming Charley I know -- but he's such a Charlie, so it stuck. I call him Bird sometimes, just to mix it up. But he's our Charlie boy.

Bonus jump the shark material, as long as we're talking about cats: Nora, the Piano-playing Cat, who's got the same grey tabby thing going on. (Many thanks to Marilyn for link.)


anniemcq said...

He is BEAUTIFUL. Congratulations! And no need to worry about confusing him with your other Charley - that fellow is grace on wheels and I have pictures of him in a tutu to prove it! Love you, and love your new family member!

enyasi said...

How wonderful!!!!!!! I am lucky enough to also have the company of a slightly, clumsy, "big boned" cat as well. I am only newly inducted to the world of cat people, but I can only imagine how happy you must be to have positive kitty vibes in your life once again.

Charlie suits him... from the picture he looks like a deep thinker....

Anali said...

He's so cute! I'm looking forward to more pictures and stories about him!

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