Saturday, February 10, 2007

que guapo

Best quote ever.
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P2WY's back from Paris, and he's brought with him all kinds of urbane European insights. Thanks, p2, for steering me to this one:

The Viagra worked, she says, but she decided anyway to leave her boyfriend, an urbane 55-year-old psychologist, for a 32-year-old unemployed student athlete.

"Viagra is not the solution many Spaniards think it is," said Carmen, who declined to use her last name to avoid embarrassing her former sexual conquests.

"I came to realize that the problem wasn't my boyfriend's sexual prowess. The problem was him." Now, she added, "I have sex six times a day, but I do miss going to the opera."

From 'There has been a Viagra explosion in Spain' in today's International Herald Tribune

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p2wy said...

ahhhh yes....THAT was the other quote I loved!

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