Wednesday, February 14, 2007

not likely to be found elsewhere

Snow Pigs
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Snow Statuary.
The statuary may be of various kinds. It is very seldom that pigs are sculptured in marble or cast in bronze, and it would be well to make some of snow, so as to have statues not likely to be found elsewhere.

An oblong mass of snow forms the body (Fig. 171); the legs, nose and ears are made of sticks surrounded by snow, and a bit of rope nicely curled will make a very good tail.

The various parts can be shaped and carved according to the skill of the young artist. A number of pigs, of different sizes, will give a lively and social air to the yard of a snow-house. Fig. 172 shows a finished pig.

The American Boys Handy Book: Centennial Edition

Sticking by my commitment to be nothing if not helpful in this, the Year of the Pig.

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