Wednesday, February 28, 2007

ways and means

With a business meeting in Napa earlier this week I had the chance to spend last Sunday afternoon with an old dear friend driving by Zen around the Bay Area, eating legendary dim sum, contemplating the ways and means of bonsai, studying bones and burgers, and wishing there was a way to suspend the day in amber so it didn't have to end.

But it did, of course, which is why the images of the carefully tended concentrated growth of the bonsai stayed with me, and took the edge off the goodbye.

Here's a snippet of what we saw in The Oakland Bonsai Gardens »

Traveler's Tip: If you ask nice when you visit the Gardens (like we did) they might let you in the back.


Anali said...

Beautiful picture! Lucky you! You seem to travel every week!

narthex said...

tiny branches from
giant roots bent,
bearing the weight
of heaven to appease
human desires

– sd

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