Tuesday, February 19, 2008

beauty shop

beauty shop
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Pay up.
Hinsdale, IL

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Guy said...

pay up for what?
I went in a very small hair salon today looking for story subjects. Dallas is having a Calatrava bridge built over the Trinity River. It's really not much more than a muddy creek but for a few times a year whent the flood plain is inundated. So with Federal and local and state and private funding we're going to have us a 100 million $$$$ "signature" bridge. Whoopie. Think how many poor people that money could help feed, house, clothe and help educate. Oh well. The haves keeping on having what they want.
I've been driving the back streets of South and West Dallas recently on my photo safaris (I seldom venture far from home, unlike my friend Dayna) and it's quite depressing seeing how the other half (which actually amounts to WAY more than half) lives in this country. Very depressing. And what's more depressing is the fact that had more of the people from those neighborhoods (and I mean that as similar neighborhoods around the country, hello Florida) 8 years ago then Al Gore would have been prez. Pure and simple.
But there's hope. Obama being black will motivate the masses. He will be out next prez. We will see history in November folks.

Guy said...

I digressed.
The little salon is on the west side of the river. It's a very low income area. Blighted in parts. The bridge is supposed to bring the two parts of the city together. Fat chance. The vast majority of the people living on teh other side of the tracks (river) have never even been to West Dallas and don't care to go. A bridge isn't going to make much difference no matter how purty it is.
They say having a "signature" bridge (and two more will follow) will bring people to town to see it. I for one have never gone anywhere with the specific intent to see a bridge. Maybe it's just me.

Guy said...

these are the current bridges. I shot this over year's time on occasional drives on, around and inside the levees where none are supposed to go.


and this is how splendid Dallas looks at flood stage.
this was the highest it'd been in many years. Folks think Dallas is a waterfront city because this view is published regularly.


suttonhoo said...

but it was a beautiful digression, and it made my day.

thanks, Guy. the shots in the Dallas News are stunning. (what a well-placed arch can do for the heart in the cold of winter.)

Guy said...

rereading my comment about Obama I see that I excluded my believe that it is the young who will be motivated to get out and elect him. Not just blacks. Think about it. When was the last time the 18-26 or so year olds were motivated to vote for someone? Certainly not for Al Gore or Walter Mondale. Had Gore carried his home state he would've been president no watter what happened in Florida but being able to excite the youth is something he wasn't about to do. He'd likely have a better chance to do that today after his green push.
Obama is a rock star. He drew 17K to a rally in Dallas this week. Hillary got 3-4K today and thankfully cancelled a rally in FW after learning that a DPD motorcyle officer died in an accident leading her motorcade. She showed some real class doing that.
Personally I think she'd probably make a better prez than Barack but I'm excited about the prospects either way.

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