Wednesday, February 13, 2008

@choka, the world's longest poem, brilliant brainchild of b1-66er and undying patient of the ever patient birdhead, is now accepting Twitter Tweets.


To Tweet to Choka On It:

  1. Create a free Twitter account

  2. Go to: and choose to "Follow" choka

  3. Post your couplets via Twitter as Choka replies: e.g.

    @choka Web's fine filament are we / predator or prey?

    Before too long they'll appear automagically within the couplet thread at

  4. When posting, follow good Choka ettiquette, i.e.: first line = 7 syllables; second line = 5 syllables; separate each line with a slash "/" (More about what the Choka's all about here »)

  5. Go forth, be fruitful, and tweet.

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