Saturday, February 09, 2008

the four elements

Image, Text, Motion, Music -- these are the four elements. Earth, Wind, Air, and Fire.

Philip Glass speaking to the interplay of inspiration (paraphrased, actually) during the Q&A tonight at the Art Institute after he read a smattering of poetry by Allen Ginsberg and Patti Smith to the accompaniment of his own compositions -- some of them new tonight -- as performed by long time Philip Glass Ensemble member Michael Riesman.

Good stuff. Didn't know we were going to get poetry going in -- I was expecting a "conversation" as billed in the blurb -- and Phil coulda used a little tighter diction, but when Philip Glass wants to read you some poetry by some of his friends (who just happen to be legends in their own right) -- phrased to his own music -- you simply sit down and listen.

One of the most curious takeaways of the evening was hearing that Ginsberg really always wanted to be a singer and went so far as to take singing lessons from "Bobby" Dylan.

Which may be the reason why Mr. Ginsberg never realized his dream.

(I'm just guessin'.)

Posting by cameraphone.
Shot under the Tiffany Dome at the AIC.


anniemcq said...

Well, friend. This might be it. The only thing we don't agree on.

I don't like Philip Glass.

But I'm glad you had a good time!

suttonhoo said...

oh dear.

trouble in paradise.


I suspect, my friend, that you are in the majority on this one.

Lolabola said...

on that same amazing one time only trip to Chicago that I keep going on about....I went to my friend's commencement at the Chicago theater (just went through your stream only to realize I saw it in Kari's) and Philip Glass was the speaker.

His talk was all over the place, bored most of the people to death but me and my friend's brother found it rather endearing. King of the digression if you ask me. and then he played and spoke some more. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Also now that I've looked that whole commencement thing up, I realize I was there in 2000 and that clears up the whole "I swear Sue was at the Field Museum" thing....phew.

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