Thursday, February 07, 2008

another couple of reasons to love flickr

new spin
Originally uploaded by suttonhoo.
'Cause first a random someone stops by and says:

Hi there, we are actually the company that made the exact PVC cone in the picture, is it possible that we can ask you for favor , that if we can get a copy of this photo for our website?

What are the odds of that? And how fun is the PVC Cone component of this random encounter?

And then benmurphyonline randomly adds me as a contact -- by which I get to randomly discover his design work »

Love. Flickr. So. Much.


a.m. said...

I read this a little differently. A company needs stock photography for a commercial website. They go to flickr and type in "traffic cone." There are a few thousand hits. Your image comes up around 175th or so. It's good. They send out email to everyone who has an image that they like, you included. For the images they get permission to use, they put up on their site for free or at rates way below what it would cost to commission their creation. And they get great content for way below market prices.

This is happening all across the industry. I hope you get well paid for its usage.

suttonhoo said...

you're right, of course.

did you ever see this thread about this very issue? August 2006: Shortlisted »

suttonhoo said...

should probably clarify too that I was mostly delighted by the quirkiness of the discovery...

Lolabola said...

hey I went and read your stream of thought thing and I was schmapped about a month ago too. I said yes because I don't care about the photo really and then later when I went to see it, they had also schmapped someone else with an almost identical photo only better. More in focus, better colours etc. Made me laugh. but also found the process a bit irksome because I don't like feeling like someone's cheap date.

love that shot though, the road is a great hue

mrtn said...

I miss Flickr. I want my computer to work again so I can start getting my pictures out of my camera.

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