Saturday, February 23, 2008

leaving logan

leaving logan
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Logan International is saturated with the
suffering of displaced persons wearing day
old underwear.

How we suffer, & how we make others suffer,
when weather hammers our well-laid plans and
reminds us how small we are, how ineffectual
against anything that Mother Nature can cook
up when she's had enough of us.

But there are exceptions: The TSA agent was
kind and generous and twice my age and I promptly
fell in love with him when he called me "friend".

Outbound to Philly where I hope to connect
to Chicago.

Posting by cameraphone from Logan Int'l.


I, Rodius said...

Ah, Boston!

I kind of miss Boston a little bit sometimes. Then I remember the time it was a two-hour odyssey to travel five miles home from downtown because the subway was flooded, and the bus route was blocked by a major fire, and we finally gave up and walked the last mile, and I sank ankle deep into a slush-filled puddle that was the exact color and texture of asphalt.

Ah, Austin!

narthex said...

That is good to hear that there is still some humanity in airport officials. I can only imagine what all you see in all the business travel you do. I don't miss that part of working much and that was pre-9/11.

Lolabola said...


amazing how that works.

i, rodius...that is a terribly funny story now that it's in the past.

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