Friday, February 15, 2008

No past. No future. Just the present.

guggenheim.jpg cannister
Originally uploaded by mickey1.
Flickrite Mickey1 shoots pinhole with a film cannister which, compounded with his brilliance for composition and magic in the darkroom, produces works of sinuous grace.

I asked him if he sold online (first time I've ever been moved to want to buy work I've seen on Flickr) and he replied:
I am a street artist and sell at Union Sq. in New York weather on the streets
Note to self: Union Square. Next time I'm in NYC.

And in the meantime »

(Many thanks to davidbivins for the introduction.)


alphaduck said...

(were you to find yourself in tremendous needing of sooner fulfillment on this, provide me with descriptors and i can play messenger)

David said...

He also sets up in front of his home occasionally (he lives around the corner from me).

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