Thursday, February 28, 2008

[trans.] Jalisco, you do not crack!

A friend of mine who's an anthropologist once told me the story of how the Virgin of Guadelupe saved his hide in a small Mexican town where he hoped to camp out and learn a little something about the doings of the folks around there.

The townspeople warmed to him, the gringo, when they saw he was wearing the Virgin as a pendant. And once he explained his purpose -- that he came from up North, that his people didn't know the ways of the Fiesta, and he had come to study so that he could learn and return to enlighten his people -- they let him stay.

They were saddened, he said, to hear that anyone didn't know the ways of the Fiesta -- it's core importance to the welfare of the people.

A sentiment which, maybe, explains the rash of Spanish-language tunes that have popped up in support of Barack Obama's campaign. Because, as everyone knows, music is a core component of any Fiesta:

Video: viva Obama

== & ==

Video: Vota Obama!

& my personal fave:

Video: la caminata

(dude: there's a ringtone for this one. I've gotta track it down.)

But it certainly can't even begin to explain this one, which I offer without comment:

Video: Ted Kenedy sings ¡Jalisco, no te rajes!

Update: dianeburnett has provided the proper translation of ¡Jalisco, no te rajes! which is: Jalisco, don't give up! (Although I continue to nurse a certain fondness for Babel Fish's inept translation: "you do not crack!")


Anonymous said...

como se dice? como se llama? obama... obama... this will be in my head all day!

narthex said...

Oh this had me rolling!

Lolabola said...

his campaign sets off little alarm bells in my body

suttonhoo said...

lola -- is that a good thing or a bad thing? ;)

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