Friday, February 22, 2008

yer out.

yer out.
yer out.
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Blizzard. Flight home canceled. Poking around Boston in the snow. Trying to follow the Freedom Trail -- marked, so they say, by a steady red line that snakes past Revolutionary War sites.

But snow is working to obscure that line some, so I'm pulling a J Alfred Prufrock, making my way through certain half-deserted streets, (Eliot wrote that here, right? or Cambridge maybe, next door.) sometimes finding an historical marker, sometimes finding a coffee shop -- like this one, the Boston Beanstock, where I'm fortifying with a tender tomato basil tart and a steamy joe before heading out again.


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Anali said...

I ended up not even going in to work today. I can't believe you're walking around in this mess! Anyway, I love Boston Beanstock! There is another one right next to my office in the Financial District. I usually bring my lunch to work, but if I don't, I get it there.

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