Thursday, February 14, 2008

but not only this

The inimitable grace*c* posted this delicious iPhone loveliness this morning (love me a cameraphone shot -- love me even more an unexpected surreal cameraphone shot) and serendipitously introduced me to the Jesus was a communist pool, which I have fallen in love with for its description alone which reads:
Shots of a small street in venice (italy) in which a communist party section is wittingly paired with a small religious kiosk with a jesus christ icon.

But not only this.

To be part of this group you don't need to be communist or to be jesus, but just be yourself [yeah.. philosophic]

*WARNING*: if you really want to be part of this group you need to know very well what "lo sciocco in blu" means (not to be confused with "lo shocking blue").

I don't yet know what "lo sciocco in blu" means. But, slowly, I'm learning »

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Tom Usher said...

Hello Suttonhoo,

If you find the Flickr group "Jesus was a communist" interesting, perhaps you'll also find my blog post "Jesus is a communist" interesting as well. Feel free to visit. I'd be interested in your comments.

God bless you,

Tom Usher

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