Thursday, February 07, 2008

meanwhile i miss you

meanwhile i miss you
meanwhile, i miss you.
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Snowy tree trunks.
Just outside my dentist's office.

(Nothing like a visit to the dentist to make you long for something else entirely.)

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I, Rodius said...

I'm so glad you do mundane things like go to the dentist. And yet you still manage to watch for the loveliness. I'm thinking you are not a real person. I'm thinking you are a character in a novel that I didn't know I was reading. I mean, seriously, the Greek travel memory? Gah. Nope. Too beautiful to be real.

suttonhoo said...

cool: I'll be sure to report back from the dentist's chair when I get that cavity filled. ;)

and thanks, rodius, for the generous compliment re ruby shoes.

suttonhoo said...

(but honest: it's true. :)

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