Friday, February 29, 2008

my rake: let me show you it.

my rake: let me show you it.
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Just before the curtain went up (so to speak) on Buster Keaton's silent film classic "The General" in which the Mechanical Engineer gets the girl.

Never mind that he's a Confederate.

Accompanied by some remnant of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, working from the original 1927 cue sheet by Dennis James and Eric Beheim. Conducted by Richard Kaufman.

Bargain seats: Two rows from the back at the tippy tippy top.

Posting by cameraphone from Symphony Hall, Chicago, IL.

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bobcat rock said...

ah, i remember you twittering this well. it looks beautiful; i bet it was a magical experience. i found this update strangely moving; maybe because my dad was born in 1927. thank you - again - for sharing, D. be happy.

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