Thursday, June 15, 2006

architecting a sitcom

Caught just a snatch of an interview with Louis C.K. on Fresh Air this afternoon and was intrigued with the way he talked about designing the set -- spare and with the intention of focusing the energy of the scene.
We wanted to make a set where there's no tzotchkes -- I just think there's so much put into the realism of sitcom sets that it takes away the funny ... so what I asked for was just a set where it's just blank walls like the Honeymooners -- just nothing -- I wanted it to be in a little box and have nowhere to go -- and have the energy just stay trapped -- we don't have a couch -- we're the only sitcom that you'll ever see these days that doesn't have a sofa -- we have a kitchen table and chairs -- so people have to sit upright or stand and really hurl at each other -- it makes it very confrontational.

Louis C.K. in Louis C.K. Gets Lucky: an Interview with Terry Gross
He also had some interesting thoughts about the "disconnecting influence" of film -- and the "naked immediacy" of videotape.

Fully intended to circle back and listen to the rest once I cleared the day's deadlines, but forgot (of course) until just now when the same guy showed up on the Daily Show and had me snorting with laughter (you know the kind I mean: the kind that catches you off guard and would be mortifying if it happened in public).

Funny guy. We cancelled HBO after Sex and the City went off the air: May just have to bring it back to catch Lucky Louie.

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