Thursday, June 22, 2006

this really happened

Many years ago around Halloween my ex- and I were driving away from our old place on Capitol Hill in Seattle -- we were headed out of the city somewhere, down 15th Ave -- and he said: "hey: those guys are smashing pumpkins".

Outraged that someone would be smashing some kid's jack o' lantern in broad daylight I said: "What?! That's terrible! We should stop them!" He said: "No -- Smashing Pumpkins -- that bald guy and his band -- they're standing outside Coastal Kitchen."

And so they were -- waiting for a seat to grab a bite to eat.

(true story. I swear.)

1 comment:

Derek Baird said...

okay....that's the best story ev-ah! did you both just howl for days after that episode?

and i'm sure he told everyone near and far....that's what we do, oh spawn of cavemen. ;-)


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