Tuesday, June 27, 2006

looking for mr. demille

Last home movie for awhile -- promise.

I love the way the light dances around in this clip -- I sliced out a handful of frames and spliced them together into a grid that reads (chronologically) like Mayan hieroglyphs -- two across and then down the column before circling back up to the right.

This Super8 was shot the same year that I was easily amazed by alphabets. Still 5 and clearly the queen of ham.

There’s no sound but if you look close you can almost see the words: “Are you making a movie?” take shape -- and then I move in for my close up.

All this messing around with old movies has made we wonder about the ways we mark time and tell our stories -- to ourselves and to anyone else who will listen.

Our stories are our artifacts -- the objects that give time shape and weight.

Without them -- without stories, without memories -- we face the danger that time may move too quickly and leave us behind too soon.


Anali said...

So cute!!

anne said...

could you possibly be any cuter?????! :)
(i like the grid you made, cool!)

suttonhoo said...

lol -- thanks guys -- I think part of the tragedy of being 5 is just becoming aware of the power of your cute-i-tude as it slips away forever...


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