Thursday, June 08, 2006

bummer of a birthday

Niles: It's All HereToday the Mayor of Niles, IL (a suburb just north of Chicago that I used to commute to every day -- but now I don't) turned 78. To commemorate the event he was arrested on charges that he’s been abusing his power since 1989 – by steering insurance contracts to a buddy’s business in exchange for kickbacks.

The news is reporting that the good folks of Niles are shocked and dismayed that their mayor could be charged with such a thing.

Okay, guys: What part of Chicago don't you understand?

Reminds me of when Governor Ryan was convicted and the folks around here were shrugging their shoulders saying: "Yeah, sure: we all knew he was guilty. But I'm really surprised he was convicted."

Mayor Blase was first elected to the office in 1961.

The Southern Illinois has the best headline »

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