Thursday, June 22, 2006

craft your heart out

I was getting to know a new co-worker yesterday -- we cleared all the early hurdles and it became clear that we were sympathetic souls. The conversation continued in IM, and then she asked me "do you knit? (or am I pushing it?)"


I regret that I don't. All the cool kids do.

But I my ply my own crafts and they mean the world to me. While I don't work in yarn and buttons, what enyasi said so beautifully this morning goes for me too:
We all come to craft for some reason. Maybe it is a desire for some thing we can’t afford a quest for some item that can’t be purchased or a need to work with our hands.

Or maybe, like me it is a need to frame our sorrows and loss with a handmade gilded creation, to lift the darkness with a coat of fresh paint, wrap our aching spirits in a knitted shawl, to adorn our souls with buttons and glitter and to not only wear our hearts for all to see, but to also trim them with ribbons.

—enyasi writing this morning in little brown girl 2.0


litwit said...

Beautiful. See that? Everybody has something.

enyasi said...

So honored you choose to share my post!!!! Hope it gives you warm fuzzies like it does me...
PS: When you are ready to play with the cools kids, I have some yarn and needles with your name on it...

suttonhoo said...

think the cool kids would have me? I'm thinking maybe another trip home for grama's birthday if I can work it out -- we can knit something summery and july-like.

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