Sunday, June 25, 2006

hippie kids, pt 1

It was inevitable: I've discovered YouTube. I won't blame enyasi entirely, but if you get tired of my new video addiction, you can blame her on my behalf.

In this Super8 clip I'm five. My younger brother is the first one on the screen; my older sister is spazing out around the edges of the frame.

We're on a beach somewhere in the Bay Area in the early 70s -- we lived in Sonoma at the time.

Shortly after this clip was taken my mother disappeared from my life for awhile -- for about 7 years, actually. We never really got back on track after that.

I don't have a lot of memories of her when I was younger, so this film clip startled me when she shared it with me. That's her behind the camera. Just looking at her daughter, and loving her.

Imagine that.


enyasi said...

You got addicted on your own, Babe! Honestly not my fault!!!!

Thanks for sharing this amazing clip... I have some wonderful Super 8 clips myself... You are so right you can almost feel the love of the person holding the camera. Is it my imagination, or does digital lack some of this quality...? Scientifically speaking I think it has to do with static acting as a conduit for emotions… *Sounds plausible*

litwit said...

That is marvelous -- and you haven't changed a bit ;-)

suttonhoo said...

true, litwit -- as my sweetie would say: making a mess, as usual. ;)

enyasi, re static acting as a conduit for emotions -- is this something I should pull out the reynolds wrap cap for again (see: radio waves)?

Lolabola said...

your video made me cry it's so sweet and nostalgic. My dad was recently visited by some neighbours from when he was a kid and they showed up with a video of a super 8 of him and his brothers when he was about 10 and completely before his parents died in his teens. I can't wait to see this! My thoughts on my dad's childhood are always tainted with their deaths and I forget that it wasn't until later they were gone.

I can't imagine having something like this appear out of my past.

suttonhoo said...

what a great story, lola -- I hope you'll post once you've had a chance to see it -- what a treasure.

patrick said...

This brought me to tears as well...
What a beautiful clip this touching!

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