Tuesday, June 20, 2006

chi-lexicon redux

Many thanks to Gaper's Block who posted on the chi-lexicon piece and brought many new datapoints to our door. Thank you, too, to everyone who had something to say -- here's what we now know after a flurry of comments:

F***wad appears to be more prevalent in usage than f***stick (I think that we can safely say that f***stick is the insult in its potentiality and f***wad is the insult in its realization).

Variations not to be overlooked: dickwad, jagoff, jag.

Rubbernekkin and sigalert are synonymous with gaper's delay.

Sunshine delay is when the natural universe is responsible for the delay (I suppose we could also call it the "blinded-like-a-mole-rat delay" -- but in all honesty I've never heard that in actual use), and we call our expressways by their proper Christian names rather than their numbers, to better curse them by. (see example: "F.U. Dan Ryan!")

You can hang, bang or pull a U-eey, so long as it's a hard louie. Or if you're from the North suburbs you can flip a bitch. Same diff.

(And this started out as such a nice, clean blog.)

For the curious: there's more where that came from. Read the comments here »

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Anali said...

That is so hilarious! What a discussion that was sparked!

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