Friday, June 30, 2006

what the people want to know

The month is up -- here's an selected list of the things that people searched out detritus for during the month of June from Google, Yahoo, MSN and Technorati -- not necessarily the most popular hits, but certainly the most entertaining:

  • hr puffinstuff boogaloos

  • funktionslust

  • sucking chest wound photos (I suspect they were disappointed)

  • buy lacrimus rioja

  • is guinness good for you

  • arnold horseshack sound clip (sorry: no audio. just daffodils.)

  • "Picador in a Bullfight," Picasso

  • FLW taliesin cheney murder scene photos (oh my. more gore. more disappointment.)

  • animaris ondula

  • smartcar

  • sitcom sets

  • the bridge poem like currents through my head

  • karaoke gentle on my mind

  • And my personal favorite: nutjob means

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