Wednesday, June 07, 2006

bigger, longer & uncut

Henry Miller chapbookScored a second run Henry Miller chapbook at the Printers Row Book Fair over the weekend.

The description maps pretty closely to one that I tracked down on AbeBooks -- the good news is I paid considerably less:
Money And How It Gets That Way.
Miller, Henry.

Description: Second Edition, 1946. Black and white illustrated wrappers, as issued. Fine copy with a touch of darkening and ruffling to top edge, and pages are uncut. Shifreen & Jackson A18c. 1/1500cc. With ingenious illustrations by Jack Wright in text (and cover). 47pp. Dedicated appropriately enough to Ezra Pound. A partly tongue-in-cheek exposition of the concept of currency.

Book Price: $200
The pages of mine are also uncut, and there's the rub: If I slice the pages, I expect I'll shave down the value of the book. But if I don't slice 'em, I can't read the book.



opiliones said...

ah, there's the rub.

Derek Baird said...

Is this Printers Row Book Fair an annual event? It looks fantastic.

I must put it on the calendar for 2007!

You can't own enough books....


suttonhoo said...

it is. you must. you're right. (we refer to the fair as the "high holy days" around here.)

Anali said...

Very cool! Too bad about the Catch 22 situation.

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