Sunday, June 04, 2006

i want

barcelona, baby
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I want this chair.

No: Not the Knoll Studio reproduction available at DWR.

THIS chair. Broken in and worn down after 50 years of seating the bums of students on the IIT campus. This chair with the leather scratched in the front, probably by some bonehead freshman who didn’t know WTF he was sitting in.

The chair that Mies put here and probably sat in himself, thinking his Miesian thoughts, surveying his creation.

God is in this detail.

But if the chair were mine it wouldn’t be here, in the Admissions Building, where it completes a rag tag set where it’s needed, wanted and belongs.

So instead I try to stop by when I’m in the neighborhood and just sit a bit. Wanting it. Savoring that rich, libidinous feeling of unrequited desire.

It'll never be mine.

But if it was, would it feel as good as it does right now?


patrick said...

I always wonder, when I see Barcelona chairs at Mies buildings, if he included them in the price of the building. "And, if you act now..." ;-)

suttonhoo said...

lol -- ain't it the truth?

btw: if you ever park in the kiss 'n' fly lot at o'hare keep an eye on the ground on the shuttle into the terminal -- stashed at the police station are a ton of those great old miesian (at least I'm pretty sure they're by Mies) airport chairs -- just sitting out to rot in the weather.

how cool would it be to get a hold of those and do something with them?

Derek Baird said...

I'm with you, after sitting on this one, the DWR version would most definitely pale in comparison.

Lovely set of photogs you took yesterday! Thanks for sharing...

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